Moving Out (Anthonys Song)

Hanging with Gillian watching some “Mystery Science Theater” Zombie Nightmare edition. Cleaned, did laundry, did mockups for a friends site, updated another.


Learning about tracking pixels for a custom home takeover. Need to learn new things, or extend my knowledge of current topics further.

I’m attending WordCampNYC next month and looking very forward to it. I’ve been using WordPress for the past two years and couldn’t think of a better way to learn about the worlds best
Web publishing platform.

Also supposed to be moving out next month, which I am extremely excited about. Especially since I’ll be moving in with my girlfriend of three years. Good times ahead.

Work, Wherk, Wurk!

Busy Busy Busy.
I just turned 26 last week, and boy have I hit the ground running. Trying to keep myself busy with work, or as they say in the hood, “Trying to keep on mah GRIND, biatch.”

Schwinn & Tarantino

Today Gillian and I rode our bikes to the Pavilion theater and saw Inglourius Basterds. It was “meh”. I enjoyed it, however not Tarantino’s best. The theater was quite cold for my taste as well. But nonetheless, today was a good day.

Almost missed our train…

Yea so we spent the whole day in Paris seeing all the sites, and at the end of a long hot day we barely missed our train to Amsterdam by a margin of 3 minutes… Phew! But I’m glad to say we are currently on a Thalys train ( which is quite nice ) and we are approximately 40 minutes away. Need shower BAD.

Bar Aquarium

The rooftop at bar Aquarium is amazing. And the food and drinks were inexpensive. I shall see how my ALT (avocado, lettuce, tomato) is …

Voltage Fail

Oh man trying to figure out the voltage situation is hilarious. 1 power strip down. How many other electronics are we going to ruin? You be the judge…