Firefox Copy & Paste problem

So the company I work for have been having issues with wordpress’s visual editor and copy and pasting linked images.

Basically it is a Firefox issue, clashing with’s implementation of the TinyMCE rich text editor. Javascript is causing the copied image and link in the clipboard to be changed to relative urls instead of absolute. i.e. src=”” becomes src=”../images/image.jpg”. Which then breaks the images when the post is published. I have found a tweak in firefox to correct the actual image source from being changed.

In the about:config section of firefox, a setting called dom.disable_image_src_set when set to true, will stop any javascript from altering images on every page. This then makes certain Dynamic Image plugins not work, but only for that end user.

This still leaves the surrounding anchor tag modified though. Still searching for a solution. If you know anything about this please drop me a line…