oh man i havent blogged in a while

and maybe for good reason… BECAUSE IM BUSY ! ! ! !


  1. school
  2. work
  3. playing music
  4. trying to do MAH THANG!

also buying stuff, been buying some nice stuff too…

like a new 19″ flatscreen hdtv, a new skateboard, etc… stuff = good…


blog blog.


school has started. classes seem cool.  except for one of the classes that i am taking is almost a repeat of a class i took last semester. weird.

anyway, off to class…

oy vey.

so worked the morning shift 10-3, came home, ate.
went out to band practice. played from like 8-11:30.
came home. tired. doesnt sound like much.

but it is…

My birthday is on monday, but I also start school on monday, and I also have work that evening. Life is great. so much to do. so little time.

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SO Last Nights BLADES Mixer was a success…

Hoegarden was the weapon of choice, and friends were all around. Then after playing some darts and smoking some COHIBA’s, off we went to Cheap Shots.

Where I proceeded to not have any more drinks, but just watch the fun unfold. Then towards the end of the night we get stuck talking to some guy about the whole St. Marks TATTOO shop scene, about which guy worked where, who fucked over who by doing whatever.

Sidewalk Cafe’s food is sooooo delicious. And that’s not just the drunken talking…..

But now that I wake, my throat is parched. Must replenish my liquids, and decide which netflix movie to watch… Platoon, Stripes, or The PeeWee Herman show…


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Precipitation Event

So why does it have to rain on BOTH my days off from work…

I feel like a prisoner trapped in my own home…

An due to the fact that I haven’t showered yet, I am beginning to stink…

Although on the upside, I did get to watch the “Deep Sea” episode of Planet Earth,
and it was simply magnificent…

So once again…

Two more days off in a row, a true blessing…

Today I got to do :

  • a load of laundry
  • make a mini photo album for my sister.
  • FINALLY, made my sisters’s scarface tee shirt.

Also trying to convert some footage of Kei, Jeremy and I in the studio. Some good old wacky jammmms.

2nd day off…

So having two days off from work, in a row, is probably the greatest feeling ever…

I get to do whatever I want.

1. Uploaded some more pics to my gallery.
2. Helped my dad convert some old Latin LP’s into mp3s and burned cd’s.

Now trying to tackle the shelf above my bed and throw out massive amounts of garbage.

Wish me luck.